Our Story

all start from an idea with courage...

Company Background

The Al Bukhary Group is a Malaysian based organization with a mandate to research and develop products that are 100% extracted from natural resources and which do not contain any chemical components. Thus, our product can be considered as 100% organic and natural. We also dedicate our expertise to entrepreneurs who are interested in the production and distribution of our Polyphenol Tea and other such natural products for commercialization.

The beginnings of the founder

It was the year 2012 when, Mr. M. Fauzi A. Ghani committed to an act of bravery when he left his field of construction and set off to realize a dream of greener pastures that came to him one night.

After a 6 year struggle to find the right formula, tests have proven that this mixture of herbal products can treat various chronic diseases naturally, such as the DIABETIC, CANCER, HYPERTENSION, HEART DISEASE, GOUT, ASTHMA, SINUS, MIGRAINE, PERIOD PAIN, HEMORRHOIDS, SKIN DISEASE & etc. This is due to the presence of bioactive substances called polyphenol and vitamins in the mixture.

The founders of RTG
Al Bukhary

Ustadz Mohd Fauzi Bin A.Ghani
(Founder & Owner of Albukhary Group Network)
Dr Rozlan Bin Taha
(Partner, Phd University of Texas in Austin,USA)


Our journey so far...

With the will of Allah, he manage the company and get the product for mass production. Today, his product had helped many patients who had long struggle in their journey to fight against chronic diseases especially diabetic. Many patients who had consumed his product had been healed and cured from their chronic diseases.


The complete process of
RTG Al Bukhary
Secret of the Polyphenol Tea

RTG Al Bukhary on the global market...

The results of all tests conducted on this RTG ALBUKHARY product, attracted 3 local universities under the BIO TECH CENTER to find out more about this product where the powder of this product can not only be used for health drinks but also its powder can be used for patching on diabetic wounds and applied to skin disorders. Unofficial discussions were held at the 3 universities namely:

  1. University Of Putra Malaysia led by Prof Dr Maimunah Binti Sanny.
  2. University Of Malaya led by Prof. Dr. Syarifah Bee Binti Abd Hamid
  3. University Of Science Malaysia led by Prof. Dr. Jahangir Bin Kamaldin

As a result of the discussions, the Albukary Group received advices and guidance to market the product for NATIONAL and GLOBAL markets.


A Tribute to Prof. Dr Sharifah Bee Abd Hamid, a dedicated friend who had gave her advise and endorsement for the future benefits of RTG Al Bukhary Tea. From her research on RTG Al Bukhary, she saw the benefits and impact of the pholyphenol compound in the product had on chronic disease patients which made her gave full support on the product.

She believed that the product can be used as a alternative medicine for curing chronic disease, especially FOR DIABETIC PATIENTS but unfortunately, she pass away early January 2017.

Her passing was a big lost as she had dedicated her life in finding ways to help patients with chronic diseases. May her soul rest in peace.

Presentation of RTG AlBukhary product
University Of Putra Malaysia
4th November 2016
International HALAL Business Meeting Showcase
Kuala Lumpur
2nd April 2017

With all the testimonials from real patients, AlBukhary Group Network had been invited for various TV shows, Radio SHows, Conference & Seminars, talking about health and wellness.

    Radio Talk Show
    3rd March 2017

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