Rahsia Teh Gaharu (RTG) Albukhary

the secret of polyphenol tea
This product of RTG Al Bukhary is miraculous, as it is not only a drink but can also be used as a paste to be applied on diabetic wounds cancerous wounds and other skin diseases. It's effectiveness has been proven.

This herbal mixture had been known to have cured chronic diseases which our patients had not only consumed by drinking but can also applied on wounds caused by diabetes and other skin diseases such as acne, shingles and eczema.

This mixture of herbal products can treat various chronic diseases naturally, such as the diabetic, cancer, hypertension, heart disease, gout, asthma, sinus, migraine, period pain & etc. This is due to the presence of bioactive substances called polyphenol and vitamins in the mixture. Tests carried out by USFDA showed that every 15g of this mixture contains Polyphenol compound 10.2mg, Vitamin C 14mg, Vitamin E 0.3mg, Vitamin B7 1.4ug and Calcium 13.6mg.

If you have long been struggling to find a solution to your chronic disease, this is your answer. Try one and see the results

Health Benefits of Polyphenol


Increased Energy Levels


Stronger Joints


Strengthened Immunity


Mental Sharpness


Improved Reproductive Health


Benefits of RTG AlBukhary

the secret of polyphenol tea
  • Bio-Active Polyphenol Compound

    The main ingredient for this product is the bio-active polyphenol compound. Various studies from scientists all over the world have papers and research on the advantages of polyphenol compounds in fighting against chronic diseases like cancer and diabetes. These compounds act as an anti oxidant that can repair and eliminate cancerous cells or free radicals.
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  • High in Vitamin C

    Other than bio-active polyphenol compound, this product also contain 13.8mg of Vitamin C which can help in repairing of damaged body cells, improved immune systems, controls blood pressure and glucose levels. Vitamin C have been well research to be one of the main parts in staying healthy.
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  • High in Vitamin E

    Apart from VItamin C, this product contain 0.3mg of Vitamin E which help in improving your immune system, increase fertility, reduce cancer risks and heart diseases.
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  • Contain Vitamin B7

    This vitamin B7 is responsible to stabilize sugar level which can help diabetic patients. This vitamin also help in reducing chances of heart diseases.
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  • Contain Calcium

    Calcium is one of the key ingredient in assisting of formation of the bones and teeth. Together with the other vitamins, calcium helped in repairing of any damaged cells in your body.
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RTG Albukhary Product

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RTG Albukhary, the secret of polyphenol tea, have been tested and proven to have helped many of our consumers from their struggle against chronic diseases. These are the people who had benefited from our product and we want YOU to share this benefits together, leading a healthy and happy lifestyle.

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